Mainz - Mar 2017
Attended the "Cluster Algebras in Mathematical Physics" spring school (site) .
Rome - Oct 2016
Presented a talk at the "Joint Notre Dame—La Sapienza Conference on Lie Theory and Cluster Algebras" (site) .
Muenster - Mar 2016
Gave a short talk at the "Cluster algebras and geometry" conference (site) .
Rough notes: pdf
Canterbury - Jan 2016
Attended the "Total Positivity: A bridge between Representation Theory and Physics" conference (site) .
Fribourg - Oct 2015
Attended the "Journées de Géométrie Hyperbolique" workshops based around the thesis presentation of Matthieu Jacquemet (site).
Leicester - Jun 2015
Invited to give a talk at the "Workshop of Cluster algebras and finite dimensional algebras" (site).
Slides: pdf, notes: pdf.
Durham - Mar 2015
Attended the "LMS Invited Lectures 2015 on Cluster algebras and integrable systems" (site).
Pisa - Feb 2015
Attended the Cluster algebra day workshop as part of the intensive research period on Lie theory (site).
Spa - Jan 2015
Attended the "4th Young Geometric Group Theorists meeting" (site).
Seoul - Dec 2014
Presented a talk at the "Young Mathematicians Workshop on Cluster Algebras" (site) and attended the subsequent conference on "Cluster Algebras in Combinatorics and Topology" (site).
Cardiff - Oct 2014
Attended the "Workshop on Cluster algebras and Preprojective algebras" (site).
Ann Arbor - May 2015
Attended the "GEAR Junior retreat" (site).
Strasbourg - May 2015
Attended the "Master Class : Around Thurston-Grothendieck-Teichmüller theories" (site).
Luminy - Jan 2015
Attended the "3rd Young Geometric Group Theorists meeting" (site).